Expanding Barriers

Expanding barriers are named expanding as these can expand and close to open and close any particular area. These are used to close off large areas where they can widen to impede access or reject entry where required. They are highly movable and can be moved anywhere to give the fastest safety. These can be extended to cover a broader area from left to right, making them desirable for construction work, sustenance, school balconies, airports, etc. It is very effective and efficient to use. These tough expandable barriers can extend to a certain width to close off an area. For outdoor use, each barrier can be filled with water to help weigh it down. Easy to fold and comes with a carry handle. It is an adaptable and mobile barrier solution for establishing a separation between many areas or to help in regulating pedestrian movement. Excellent for use in both industrial and retail areas. Manufactured of high-quality plastic and metal materials to give you your desirable barriers. These flexible safety barriers can be connected to another barrier to expand to the desired length. Some expanding barriers are prepared with caster wheels for simple movement. Also named as scissor barriers. Generally used in warehouses, stores, workshops, etc. to reject entry to unsafe and unauthorized areas. Can be stored in low space areas because of a folding feature.

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  • expandingbarrierguardianportablereflectivebarriershop.jpg

    Expanding Barrier Guardian Portable Reflective Barrier Shop

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  • heavydutybarrierterminalexpandablesafetybarriershop.jpg

    Heavy Duty Barrier Terminal Expandable Safety Barrier Shop

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  • heavydutyexpandabletrellissteelbarriershop.jpg

    Heavy Duty Expandable Trellis Barrier Steel Barrier Shop

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  • heavydutyhighlyvisibleultraexpandablebarriershop.jpg

    Heavy Duty Highly Visible Ultra Expandable Barrier Shop

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  • mobilesafetybarricadesystembarriershop.jpg

    Mobile Safety Barricade System Barrier Shop

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  • plasticdesignghpexpandablegatebarrierhigh-visibilityversatilestrongbarriershop.jpg

    Plastic Design GHP Expandable Gate Barrier High-Visibility Versatile Strong Barrier Shop

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  • barrierpolypropyleneinstantsafetybarriershop.jpg

    Polypropylene Instant Safety Barrier Shop

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  • safetybarrierplasticexpandablebarriershop.jpg

    Safety Barrier Plastic Expandable Barrier Shop

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  • safetybarriersjsptitanexpandablebarriershop.jpg

    Safety Barriers JSP Titan Expandable Barrier Shop

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  • whiteandredbarricadeexpandablebarriersteelbarriershop.jpg

    White And Red Barricade Expandable Barrier Steel Barrier Shop

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  • yellowandblackhighlyvisibleflexprocastorwheelsexpandablebarriershos.jpg

    Yellow And Black Highly Visible FlexPro Castor Wheels Expandable Barrier Shop

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