Safety Barriers JSP Titan Expandable Barrier Shop


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Safety Barriers JSP Titan Expandable Barrier Shop

JSP Titan Expandable Safety Barriers are generally used for quick prevention of access to banned openings, or for leading the population in a way. They are excellent for purposes where storage space is short. Most commonly used at places like hotels, cinema foyers, clinics, educational institutes, railway stations, and factories.

1. Handy in the Folded position (500mm)
2. Adjustable
3. Cost-effective and easy to deploy
4. Portable
5. Comprise of unusual Clip for safety
6. Expands up to 3 Metres
7. Overall Weight is 10.5 kg
8. Colour is Red/White

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Height:1m, Depth:6m, Width: 550mm (Secured) 3100mm (Opened) Weight: 10.5kg