Parking Barrier

Parking Barriers are excellent for regulated and comfortable passage of automobiles that enter to and exit from parking areas. These barriers are prepared of a certain length to give access to certain vehicles to pass through it. different lengths of buried arms are joined together to allow the certain size of vehicles to pass through it. Different types of car parking barriers are used for different kinds of applications and to allow different automobiles to go through them. These parking barriers are furnished with a smart arm, safety photocell, and coil detectors, and safety containers to deter damage to passing vehicles. The safety photocell and the loop detector do not shift the barrier arm to avoid damage if there is an automobile under the barrier arm even if the button is pushed. The opening and closing times differ according to the elements of the parking barrier systems and the vehicle passing consistency in the parking lot to be used. Parking barrier systems can be regulated with remote control and with ticket car parking automation, fingerprint, face recognition, OGS, and HGS vehicle identification systems, and start-stop buttons. These barriers can be installed at ticket and toll areas. After collecting the ticket from the parking ticket machine, the parking barrier system opens and the vehicle passes through it. This is a good way to avoid any kind of corruption and to maintain discipline. The car can not cross the barrier till it pays the toll tax. The barrier is then opened after the ticket or toll charges. One of the most famous parking barriers is the bollard barrier system which is installed at places that require a high level of security. Prevents any kind of vehicle collision. These systems are excellent to use for the car parks of Embassies, consulates, martial buildings, police centers, etc. Can be regulated with remote control, fingerprint, and face recognition devices.

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    Car Park Barrier With Integrated Lock Barrier Shop

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    Folding Parking Steel Barrier Hoop Barrier Shop

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    Hinged Fold Down Padlock Locking Parking Barrier Shop

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  • parkingpostkeylockhingedbarriershop.jpg

    Parking Post Keylock Hinged Barrier Shop

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  • steelbarrierfoldingparkingbarriershop.jpg

    Steel Barrier Folding Parking Barrier Shop

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    Yellow Folding Parking Bollard Barrier Shop

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