Barrier Shop


Barrier Shop stocks a huge selection of, barriers, convex mirrors, ramps,s and traffic cones. With a wide range of products to choose from, you’re sure to find everything you need here. With our products, you can find a solution that suits any setting, from industrial to residential to commercial to public places. Whatever your budget we have a solution to meet your needs. Barrier Shop’s ramps and barriers are made up of strong and durable materials that can withstand impacts, which makes them perfect for protecting public areas as well as businesses. Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with footpaths and shopfronts that are safe from traffic, or warehouse racking and other equipment from forklifts. The main categories of the shop include barriers, convex mirrors, traffic cones, cable protectors, and many more. We offer parking barriers, barrier posts, and road traffic cones that are designed to be used in roads, parking lots, and other public areas for marking lanes and zones. These products are made to last and are highly visible. Using chain barriers in venues such as theatres, clubs, and restaurants allows us to create aesthetically pleasing and functional barriers. We offer a variety of traffic calming and management products that you can use to control the flow of traffic around your premises. The materials we use are heavy-duty and designed to hold heavy loads. As well as offering a range of security products for bikes, motorcycles, and scooters, Barrier Shop also offers driving wheel locks that are built from durable materials to ensure excellent protection against theft. Browse our product offering now to discover which solution is right for you.

  • channels5multicablecoverprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Cable Cover Protector Channels 5 Barrier Shop

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  • industrialcableprotector9metresbarriershop.jpg

    Industrial Cable Protector 9 Metres Barrier Shop

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  • cablecover2channelspedestrianbarriershop.jpg

    Cable Cover 2 Channels Pedestrian Barrier Shop

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  • rubbersnapfitcableprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Rubber Snap Fit Cable Protector Barrier Shop

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  • floorcableprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Floor Cable Protector Barrier Shop

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  • pvcfloorcoverprotectorcabletidybarriershop.jpg

    PVC Floor Protector Cable Cover Tidy Barrier Shop

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  • yellowandblackpedestriancablecoversbarriershop.jpg

    Yellow And Black Pedestrian Cable Covers Barrier Shop

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  • yellowcablecoverprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Yellow Cable Cover Protector Barrier Shop

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  • heavydutyrobustcableprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Heavy Duty Robust Cable Protector Barrier Shop

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  • backandyellowmulticablecoverprotectorbarriershop.jpg

    Black And Yellow Multi Cable Cover Protector Barrier Shop

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  • retractablebarbarriertrafficconebarriershop.jpg

    Retractable Bar Barrier Traffic Cone Barrier Shop

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  • heavydutyultratrafficcone.jpg

    Heavy Duty Ultra Traffic Cone

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  • nowaitingpolicetrafficconesbarriershop.jpg

    No Waiting Police Traffic Cones Barrier Shop

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  • trafficconeultraledstrobelight.jpg

    Traffic Cone Ultra LED Strobe Light

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  • orangeroadtrafficConebarriershop.jpg

    Orange Road Traffic Cone Barrier Shop

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  • roadconebarriershop.jpg

    Road Cone Barrier Shop

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