Privacy Policy


The very first and most important goal of our company is to assure you that your data is conserved and in safe hands. We guarantee our customers, the protection of their privacy and personal information.

This privacy policy is made following the safety of your privacy and shows that how data is collected, processed, and conserved.

1. Crucial data related to privacy

Our privacy policy is designed to show the customer about the safe collection and processing of his data, to make his privacy protected.

A data privacy manager is also hired to solve any of your issues or queries regarding privacy. You can easily access our manager for any concerns related to privacy.

For any queries, below are the details of the contact.

2. Contact details

The complete details of Barrier Shop are:

Company number:



+44 1618188628

Data Privacy Manager:

Mrs Lucy Jeannette Millar Hagerty

Email address:

Postal address:

17 Charter Avenue, Ilford, England, IG2 7AB

Customers can use their right of complaining to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for any problem associated with data privacy. But we will advise our customers to tell us about their problems first. So that we can make any solution or clear the misunderstanding. So kindly contact us first before going to ICO.

3. How we use customers’ data?

Customers’ data is solely used in compliance with UK law. Following are the conditions in which data is utilized.

a) For our legal interests, but your rights are not been put at risk

b) Customers data is utilized, where complying with a regulatory and legitimate obligation is critical

c) For agreement

4. Purpose to collect data

We collect your data for processing. Your data is not shared with anyone but in accordance with the law. Data is shared with only those organizations who are working on our behalf for processing. Your proper privacy and laws are given due importance and any kind of misconduct is strongly prohibited. We can share your data with the following organizations.

Credit reference agencies

Market research service providers


Payment providers

IT support

Market analytic service providers

Direct marketing communications consultants

Marketing communications agencies

5. Technical data

a) Google Analytics (based outside the EU)

b) The providers of search information (Google-based)

c) The networks of advertisement

Transaction, contact, and Financial Data from the providers of delivery, payment, and technical services (Pay Pal based inside the EU)and Contact Data and Identity from Public sources (Electoral Register inside the EU)

6. How the data will be collected?

There are two ways to collect data from our customers.

A) Direct interaction

Direct interaction means the data is collected directly from the customer. The customer provides the data himself by filling a specific form or through email, post, phone, etc. Or the customers directly provide their data while giving feedback, any investigation, for checkout, etc.

B) Automated interaction

The second way is automated interaction. Automated interaction means the technical data is collected by customer’s browsing activities and patterns automatically.

7. Cookies

We use cookies to collect data from different visitors to our website. The visitors have the option to accept cookies or not. Cookies are the documents that apprehend and receive the data of different visitors to our website. For analytical purposes, we use other categories of cookies. Cookies are used for immediate marketing purposes.

8. How we conserve your data?

We are passionately working to conserve the information of our customers and to completely assure the safety of their privacy. Our main aim and most importantly our main ethic is to conserve their personal information if they trusted us. Reasonable measures are used for the complete processing of information. We are making our customers aware of the complete process so that they can have the ease of sharing their data. We use a secure socket layer (SSL) mechanism for conserving the information. This is a legal technology that provides a connection between websites and internet browsers. Firewalls cease unauthorized reach to our servers set up in a secure location.

9. Third parties

Customers data can be shared with the following third parties just for the sake of processing:

a) HNR&C, regulators, and other authorities based in the UK need reports of certain circumstances’ processing activities

b) Service providers as processors in EEA or outside. They offer IT services, system administration, web services, enhancement services, and accounting services

c) Legal advisors work as processors and joint controllers, including bankers, lawyers, insurers, auditors, and consultants based in the UK. They offer legal services, consultancy, banking, and accounting services

d) Credit agencies based in the UK as processors. They process your data to assess you for credit.

SagepayPayment ProviderOffsite credit/debit card processing
Name CheapWEB Hosting ProviderWe host all our website files on Name Cheap
Google AnalyticsAnalytics ProviderWebsite analytics
Tawk ChatWeb Service ProviderOnline support for site visitors
FacebookService providerSocial media advertising

10. Disseminating information outside the EEA

Many organizations from which we are taking services are in European Economic Area (EEA). But a few are working outside European Economic Area. We also share your data with organizations working outside EEA by fully honoring the law. We assure you that these service providers only use customer’s information for the sake of legal requirements.

11. Legal advisors

Your data is solely shared for processing procedures. The utmost responsibility of our company to take care of your personal information and not to disclose it to anyone in any way to put you in danger. The third-party with which data is shared and that handles and processes your data complies with information protection legislation.

12. Alterations to our privacy policy

If we change any privacy policy, we make sure to make our customers aware of it for convenience. The changes will also be in accordance with UK law.

This policy was developed and revised in May 2018 according to all the laws. So if you have any concerns about our policy, contact us.

13. Information Commissioner Office (ICO)

If you see any of our activity is not working under law, or your privacy got harmed, you have the right to go to the ICO.

Information Commissioner’s Office:

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Phone: 020 8133 3793(national rate)