Road Barrier

Road Barriers are the barriers that are placed on roads to keep automobiles and different vehicles within their route and prevent them from crashing with hazardous impediments such as boulders, sign supports, trees, buildings, walls, and large storm drains, or from crossing steep slopes, etc. They are launched within medians of separated highways to avoid erratic vehicles from entering the opposing way of traffic and assist to lessen head-on crashes. Road barriers are used to protect susceptible areas like school lawns, pedestrian zones, etc. Road barriers are installed to avoid any kind of collision of the vehicles to the roadside obstacles. Prevents rollover crashes, accidents, etc. Used with medians, to avoid vehicles from clashing with hazards within the median.

These barriers are divided into three categories depending on the stiffness of the barriers.

  1. Flexible barriers: 

Flexible barriers usually deflect when hit by a passenger car or light truck. 

  1. Semi-rigid barriers:

These barriers deflect more than rigid barriers, but less than flexible barriers.

  1. Rigid Barriers:

These barriers are built of strengthened concrete. A permanent concrete barrier will only deflect an inconsequential amount when struck by a vehicle. Road risks must be evaluated for the threat they pose to traveling drivers based on size, configuration, rigidity, and length from the verge of the roadway.

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