Barrier Arm

Barrier arms are made from wood or aluminum tube gates. These are installed in the areas where there is the requirement of traffic regulation. Barrier arms are an inexpensive way for vehicular traffic control. Excellent for entrances and exits in several outdoor environments. Best to suit many areas like car parks, depots, factories, and office buildings. These barriers are strong and very simple to inaugurate. Made from strong steel materials to give ultimate safety for entering and departing automobiles. Barrier Arms are supplied in a broad range of designs, from low maintenance barriers to heavy-duty barriers. Favorable for factories, warehouses, office buildings, car parks, and numerous other places. A barrier arm is a low sustenance form of protection. The heavy-duty barrier arms are made from powerful steel to give a durable physical barrier. The steel bangs are connected firmly to steel supporting posts for a powerful barrier. There are also lightweight barrier arms that are made from aluminum. These are fixed into place by locking them into a tangible foundation. These are flawlessly balanced with counterweights to make them transportable. These barrier arms are supplied in a broad range of finishes, encompassing brightly colored powder-coating for high vision. The barrier arm is a multi-functional entry drop-arm that regulates traffic while giving an anti-ram impediment to protect from potential vehicular dangers.

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    Aluminium Boom Barrier With Swing Strut Counterweight Barrier Shop

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    Gas Damper Assisted Boom Arm Barrier Shop

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