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Safety Barrier Plastic Expandable Barrier Shop

Plastic Expandable Safety Barrier 2100mm are manufactured to prevent access to certain risky areas. These are flexible and adaptable by expanding and contracting mechanisms for the desired fit. Mainly design for blockage of specific areas. Being a versatile product can be used indoor or outdoor. Highly reflective along with alternative red and white patterns. Its weight is only 7 kg so easily portable.

1. Highly reflective
2. Red and white pattern
3. Made from 100% recycled material
4. Widens to 2100mm
5. Base filled with water
6. Folds down up to 150mm
7. Excellent for blocking dangerous regions
8. End columns are 1065mm high
8. Barrier is 960mm high
9. Weight is 7kg
10. Dimensions:
Width: 2100mm
Height: 1065mm
11. Warranty of 1 year

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Width 2100mm Length 1065mm Weight: 7kg