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Orange Road Traffic Cone Barrier Shop

The JSP Navigator cone is a two-part road cone made of long-lasting LDPE. The Navigator traffic cone is made by JSP, a company that specializes in high-quality safety products. It offers good quality at a reasonable rate. Each cone is 4kg in weight and has a built-in hand grip at the cone’s tip for easy handling. The handgrip makes deployment quick and simple, and the weight keeps the cones in position once they’ve been deployed. The materials used to make the Navigator cone allow it to be easily recycled once it has served its purpose. The base is made of recycled PVC, while the top conical portion of the cone is made of UV-stabilized LDPE that has been blowing moulded. The R1B-compliant Sealbrite reflective sleeve is included and is applied to the cone in such a way that it will not slip off if it is harmed.

The Navigator Traffic Cone’s Main Features:

1. Easy to transport – a pallet holds 150 Navigator Cones.
2. Heavy-Duty – Shatter-Proof Foundation
3. Recyclable
4. Recycled-Materials-Used-As-Base
5. R1B Reflective Sleeve – Increases visibility in low-light situations and is also required by law.
6. Ergonomic – The navigator is easy to pick up and bear thanks to a top handhold.
7. Excellent stability, not only when deployed, but also when stacked.
8. Cones from every batch are sampled for spot-checking and consistency monitoring

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Height :750mm Weight: 4kg