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Cable Cover 2 Channels Pedestrian Barrier Shop

The two-channel cable safety ramp is an easy but efficient way to secure critical cables or wires in high-traffic areas such as car parks, schools, and offices. These cable safety ramps will secure up to two 35mm2 cables or wires at the same time. The built-in lid can be easily flipped open, allowing you to quickly insert cables while still providing immediate security.
These cable safety ramps are perfect for use in offices and other similar locations to minimize trip hazards and damage to exposed cables and are suitable for light traffic areas where vehicle traffic is limited.
Each CR2 cable protection ramp comes with two 35mm2 channels, allowing you to secure wires and cables in high-traffic areas.
These cable protection ramps can be connected end to end, allowing the consumer to construct a variety of cable protection lengths. The cable ramps’ overall black nature, combined with the highly visible yellow lids, ensures that they are visible at all times while in operation. The corner section for the CR2 cable protection ramps is also available for purchase from Pittman Traffic and Safety Equipment; these corner sections enable the user to build cable protection ramps that can reach around corners, pillars, or columns to go in another direction.
These ramps’ rugged rubber construction makes them suitable for use in light traffic, whether that traffic be car or pedestrian. These cable safety ramps are ideal for permanent or temporary use, but they are not appropriate for HGV operation.
These cable safety ramps are suitable for use in areas where cables or wires must be shielded from harm or effects.


1. 1010mm total length
2. Total length (not including the connecting joint): 990mm
3. 250mm in width
4. 45mm in height
5 5.65 kilograms
6. For wires/cables, there are two 35mm2 channels.

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Length 1000 mm x Width 250 mm Weight: 6.6kg