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System 4 Panels Manhole Barrier Shop

Manhole Barrier System 4 Panels are made to be used around cable laying, manhole repairs, etc. Lightweight and easy to install. Can be scrapped without rusting or tearing of metal shape. Easy to carry. The top hinges make deploying straight lines easy. The hinged clips are used for super-fast assemble. The manhole barrier is created from high-density polyethene and a single panel measures 3000L x 1000H.

1. The weight of each barrier is only 2kg
2. Fast assembly
3. Integral locking clamp
4. Made from HDPE
5. Single panel (mm) 750L
6. Dimensions (mm) 3000L x 1000mm
7. Weight is 8kg
8. Available in red and white colours
9. 1-year warranty of labour and parts

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W: 3000mm H: 1000mm Weight: 8kg