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500m NATO Razor Wire Barrier Shop

NATO Razor Wire 500m is a perfect choice to protect your garden. Made from high-quality steel. Weather and water-resistant. Designed to spread up to 100 m and efficiently protects from invaders. When in use, the coiled wire length can be 25-30 m. Add extra safer to the garden or yards. The razor wire can be winded around the garden fence to add extra security. The NATO Razor Wire will be an excellent option for both commercial and residential use. The wire is provided in a plastic container.

1. Economical
2. High quality galvanized steel
3. Wire length is 100 m (stretched), 25-30 m (coiled)
4. Coil diameter is 35 cm
5. Razor distance: 34 mm
6. Razor size: 22 x 15 mm (L x W)
7. Delivered in a plastic container for easy storage
8. Dimensions:
Length: 100m (When deployed)
Length: 25-30 m (When stowed)
Diameter: 35 cm (Coil)
Razor Distance: 34 mm
Weight: 5kg

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