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Speed Ramp Sleeping Policeman With Cable Channel Barrier Shop

The Sleeping Policeman is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one cable, and speed management solution. This speed bump is supplied as a complete 6ft device that can be simply placed on the ground for temporary measures or bolted to the ground using concrete or tarmac fixings for permanent installation. This speed bump/cable protector has two cable channels on the underside to cover external cables, making it a common option for building and manufacturing sites, festivals and concerts, car parks, and warehouses. It is also preferred by rental companies because the unit can easily be picked up and transferred to the next venue/location at the end of a lease. What is the point of the Sleeping Policeman game? There are cables running to and fro at concert halls, building sites, manufacturing sites, factories, car parks, and other places, some of which will have to crossroads or paths used by cars. As a result, it is recommended that these cables be provided with some kind of security as well as something that prevents high-speed vehicles from driving over them. This product serves as a one-stop shop for all of these requirements, as the speed ramp handles speed regulation while the cable channels safeguard underlying cables that may be damaged.

• The 1,830mm segment simply slides into position.
• High-visibility yellow and black striped segment made of
heavy-duty moulded rubber
• A speed reduction of 10-15 mph is recommended.
• 35W x 25H mm – 2 cable channels
• 22 kilograms in weight.
• Used as a cable protector

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