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Black And Yellow Highly Visible Heavy Duty Speed Bump Kit 50mm Barrier Shop


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Black And Yellow Highly Visible Heavy Duty Speed Bump Kit 50mm Barrier Shop

Heavy Duty Speed Bump Kit 50mm Black and Yellow are suitable for shopping malls, warehouses, business loading bays, and other similar locations. The 50mm Premium Speed Bump Kit is perfect for areas with many cars, trucks, and HGV traffic. The bump itself helps to slow these vehicles down to 10 miles per hour. All you need to mount the speed bump directly into the ground is included in the speed bump kit, including all mid-sections, end-caps, and fixings. The “dog-bone” connectors included in the kit enable the customer to join all of the ramp parts together before bolting them into the ground, ensuring that the ramp is installed straight and evenly. The individual parts of the ramp are also connected with these connectors, giving the ramp key durability properties. The speed bump parts are available in various colours, including yellow, black, and alternate, depending on the size of the bump kit you order. The parts also have built-in reflectors that make them visible at night to drivers. The speed bump has been tested to withstand up to 40 tonnes of HGV traffic, proving that it is a durable and long-lasting device. It can be mounted directly on concrete or asphalt surfaces. It is simple to remove and rebuild parts of the bump if they begin to flatten. These speed bump kits are perfect for warehouses, company loading bays, and even around shopping malls and other similar locations. It’s worth noting that the bump is completely made of recycled materials and never needs to be repainted once it’s in place. If you ever need to move the ramp, all you have to do is unbolt it from the ground and move it. It has significantly reduced the amount of traffic that passes through our facility.

1. 1 Year Warranty
2. Simple Installation
3. Bolts Included
4. Bolt Down
5. Rated At 10 Mp/H

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