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Skipper Wall Receiver Clip Barrier Shop

Skipper Wall Receiver Clip Wall Mounted consists of Skipper tape end clips. The receiver clips act as an end-point for Skipper retractable barriers. Can be used to subsidize the Skipper waste and safety management accessories. The receiver clips are accessible in both magnetic and non-magnetic variants. Pull out the tape from any Skipper and skid it into the receiver clip. This will end the barrier without using additional Skipper units, cones, or posts. Waste and safety management commodities like recycle bins can be fastened to the receiver clip.

1. Receiver clip can be fastened to waste productsskipperwallreceiverclipbarriershops.jpg
2. Dimensions:
Width: 80mm / 3.1″
Height: 100mm / 3.9″
Depth: 23mm / 0.9″
Weight: 45g / 1.6oz

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Wall (screw to walls) 80 × 23 × 100 mm