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Expanding Belt Barrier With Magnetic Mounting Barrier Shop

Expanding Belt Barrier with Magnetic Mounting 4.6 Metres is used to control human traffic. Used to protect the people from dangerous spaces like the spaces where chemicals are used and it can be used in festivals. Perfect to use where pedestrian traffic needs to be controlled. The most durable and perfect quality is used in the manufacturing of these items. Easy to use and can be screwed to a wall or can be mounted magnetically. Has a belt lock to ensure safety. The belts are simple and traditional looking. The width of the belt is 50 mm, and the length of it is 7.6m.

1. Expanding belt barriers used to control the flow of people
2. Screw to the wall or magnetic mounting
3. Belt lock to ensure safety
4. Belts are plain with chevrons
5. Belt Width is 50mm
6. Belt Length is 4.6m
7. Colours:
Black, Black & Yellow
Red, Red & White, Red “No Entry”, Red “Caution Do Not Enter”, Red “Danger Keep Out”, Red “Authorised Access Only”, Yellow “Authorised Access Only”, Yellow “Out of Service”, Yellow “ESD Protected Area”, Yellow “Danger Fork Lift Trucks”
8. 3 years warranty

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Magnetic Fixing, Black, 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Red, 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Black & Yellow, 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Red & White, 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Red "No Entry", 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Red "Danger Keep Out", 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Red "Authorised Access Only", 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Yellow – "Caution Do Not Enter",4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Yellow "Authorised Access Only" 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Yellow – "Out of Service" 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Yellow – "ESD Protected Area" 4.6m, Magnetic Fixing, Yellow "Danger Fork Lift Trucks"4.6m