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Skipper Barrier Dummy Unit Barrier Shop

Skipper Barrier Dummy Unit is designed to attach a tape-end clip. Perfect to use as an end unit. Comes with no tape yet its body is like a standard Skipper unit. It works by connecting the dummy unit to a cone or a support bracket then fasten the standard Skipper unit’s tape end clip to one of the three corresponding slots. It acts as the endpoint of the cordon line.

1. Attaches to any Skipper Unit
2. Act as the endpoint of contact for the cordon line
3. Comes without tape
4. Made from vigorous and reliable materials
5. Can be used externally or internally
6. Easy to store
7. Lightweight
8. Dimensions: 145 (W)mm x 145 (D)mm x 240 (H)mm
9. Weight is 395g
10. Available in different colours

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