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Road Cones 750mm Pack Of 3


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Road Cones 750mm Pack Of 3

The most popular tool used to mark off an area that is being worked on is the 750mm Road Cones Pack of 3. Road cones can be used to indicate that an area is being repaired or changed, whether it is a road, sidewalk, portion of a parking lot, or even a section of a yard. This universal symbol is much easier to recognize than others, and using one is a perfect way to ensure that no one is harmed or their property is damaged at the location where your company is operating. This product is beneficial to a wide range of businesses. Road cones may be used by those who provide painting, renovation, paving, utility, and landscaping services to help section of their work area. These products, which are popular among existing businesses, may give any activity a professional appearance. Homeowners may also use these to add a professional touch to their operations.

• 750mm high cone
• EN13422 compliant Reto reflective sleeves
• Hand grips at top of the cone for quick deployment • Stackable for storage
• 465mm square base
• 310mm high retro-reflective sleeve
• Ideal for use in high-traffic areas
• Cone is made of a flexible compound
• Base is made of 100% durable recycled plastic (Premium Quality)

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Height 750mm Weight 4kg