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Indoor Convex Mirror Ultra Anti Vandal Barrier Shop

We offer the most cost-effective and best-selling anti-vandal indoor convex mirror in the market. The material used in the manufacturing of this mirror is high-quality. The unique ABS structure made it anti-vandal and was specially built to be installed indoors for protection and monitoring of blind spots. Offers maximum protection and safety. UV-stabilized and weather-resistant. Shatter-resistant and lightweight.

1. It has a diameter of 450mm.
2. ABS plastic is used for the structure, polycarbonate is used for the convex mirror, and metal is used for the frame (support).
3. Graffiti resistance
4. Built specifically for indoor use.
5. Installation is easy.
6. It comes with metal fittings for mounting and orienting the mirror correctly.

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450mm Weight 1.3kg Single