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Convex Mirrors Roadside Barrier Shop

The Roadside Convex Mirrors have a simple design that allows them to be fixed to 76mm roadside poles and are highly resistant to the harshest weather and environmental conditions, ensuring a long life of daily use. Ideal for residential, industrial, or private outdoor use. The orange collar that surrounds the mirror covers the mirror and ensures that it is weather-resistant and protective. When attempting to see out into roads, the angled surface of the mirror offers excellent visibility. The mirror can be tilted to see pedestrians and other road users that would otherwise be invisible or difficult to see. It offers a high level of protection for drivers who must exit these roads. Convex mirrors should be installed in two different directions if you want to see them in two different directions. This is perfect for motorists who want to see left and right when exiting their home or place of business onto a lane. The mirror comes with a pole connector for easy installation.

1. Shatter Resistant
2. Easy Installation
3. Comes With Bracket And Fixings
4. Made Of Acrylic
5. Weather-resistant

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