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Hydro Snake Flood Protection Barrier Shop

Hydro Snake Flood Protection is used to avoid floods and direct excess water. The HydroSnake can absorb up to 20 litres of water. Before using the HydroSnake weighs less than half a kilo. It expands up to 40 times its weight after absorbing. Hydro snakes are soaked with clean water, then it becomes an effective barrier which neither absorbs nor discharges flood water.

1. Each snake absorbs up to 20 litres of water
2. Lightweight and easy to handle
3. Easy to lift and position
4. Redirect or channel water
5. Environment friendly
6. Used in flood prevention, household leaks, large sites, etc.
7. Dimensions:
Length: 1450mm
Width: 250mm
Absorption is 15-20 Litres
Inflation Time is 2-3 minutes
8. Weight before absorption: 0.5kg
9. Weight After absorption: 15-20 Kgs
10. Two handles
11. Flood Water Depth: 50mm of water per snake
12. Flood water Length: 1400mm per snake

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L: 1450mm W: 250mm Weight: 500g Pack of 2