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Flood Barrier OSMO Barrier Shop

OSMO Flood Barrier 1500mm is formulated to save your personal properties from the invasion of floodwater. Flood Barrier inflates on contact with water and ready to use. When inflated, it constructs a resilient obstacle that can be utilized across doorways and gateways to keep floodwater out.

1. Formulated to conserve commercial and personal properties
2. Used across entrance doors and gates
3. Can be used as a temporary flash flood
4. Easy to store
5. When inflated constructs a resilient and watertight protective barrier
6. Can be stacked for extra height
7. Non-toxic
8. Absorbence capability per barrier is 15 litres
9. Dimensions Flat:
Length: 1500mm
Width: 210mm
10. Dimensions inflated:
Length: 1500mm
Width: 210mm
Height: 90mm

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L: 1500mm x W: 210mm Capacity: 15Ltrs