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Height Restrictor Car Park Barrier Shop

Car Park Height Restrictor offers safety to elevated vehicles. The barriers are used for this purpose in a range of car parks. Numerous barrier sizes are available, varying from up to 4.5m wide to 7m wide. These barriers are made from high-quality materials. Once established, the barriers are formulated to swivel through 90° in any direction. Bright yellow colour is used for high vision. Weather resistive in nature. Comprises a padlock and keys for improved security. The hanging nudge bar is finalized in shifting yellow and black stripes for ultimate visibility and a height limitation sign is equipped with each barrier. ‘No Entry’ and ‘Stop’ signs are also provided.

1. High-quality vehicle height restrictor
2. Accessible with or without swing barrier
3. Designed to restrict access to vehicles below a total height of 2.1m as standard
4. Swings 90° in either direction
5. Bright yellow colour is standard
6. Steel formation
7. Padlock and keys included for slam post
8. Dimensions:
Height: 2100mm
9. 1-year warranty of parts and labour

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Central Locking Facility for Barriers (Use with 2 Restrictors) Weight:10kg, Combination Hold Open Post Weight:50kg, Height Restrictor Hold Open Post Weight:45kg, Low-Level Locking Facility Weight:10kg, 4.5m Wide Weight:140kg, Car Park Height Restrictor Only Up To 6.0m Wide Weight:150kg, Car Park Height Restrictor Only Up To 7.0m Wide Weight:160kg, Car Park Height Restrictor Up To 4.5m Wide With Swing Barrier Weight:200kg, Car Park Height Restrictor Up To 6.0m Wide With Swing Barrier Weight: 200, Car Park Height Restrictor Up To 7.0m Wide With Swing Barrier Weight:240kg