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Height Restrictor Fixed Access Barrier Shop

Fixed Access Height Restrictor is made from solid steel and aluminium. It is perfect to allow the vehicles of a certain height to pass through while the vehicles like parades, large vans are not allowed to pass through it. Thus, limits their access. An optional chain suspended can decrease the height by a further 400 mm.

1. Easy to install
2. Five crucial height levels
3. Dimensions:
Support Posts: 100 x 100 x 3mm
Overall Height: 3,010mm
Base Plate: 295 x 295 x 10mm
Drilled 6 fixing holes: 15mm
Max Headroom: 2,800mm
Widths: 3,230 to 10,230mm
Flexible heights: 2,800mm, 2,650mm, 2,500mm, 2,350mm and 2,200mm

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Optional Sub-Surface Conversion Anchor, Fixed 3.23m Overall Width x 3m Internal Width, Fixed 4.23m Overall Width x 4m Internal Width, Fixed 5.23m Overall Width x 5m Internal Width, Fixed 6.23m Overall Width x 6m Internal Width, Fixed 7.23m Overall Width x 7m Internal Width, Fixed 8.23m Overall Width x 8m Internal Width, Fixed 9.23m Overall Width x 9m Internal Width, Fixed 10.23m Overall Width x 10m Internal Width