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Rubber Kerb Ramp Barrier Shop

Rubber kerb ramp 600x361x150mm is an easy and comfortable way to comfortably install kerb for cars, trolleys, and wheelchairs. Most applications, including warehouses, private motorists, manufacturing plants, and public buildings, are now accessible.
Almost any business with a parking lot that isn’t on the same level as the road can use this to allow vehicles to gain height and access parking spaces more easily. Companies with heavy goods vehicles will also benefit from the installation of these kerb ramps since it makes it much easier for these vehicles to get to the places where they need to offload their freight. Because the kerb ramp’s construction material can withstand a significant amount of downward force, making it suitable for use by heavy vehicles.

1. High-quality rubber
2. Load Capacity: 40 tonnes
3. Dimensions: 600mm (L) x 361mm (W) x 150mm (H)
rubberkerbrampbarriershops.jpgrubberkerbrampbarriershops.jpg Weight: 19kg

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600 x 361 x 150 mm