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Heavy Duty Road Cones Pack Of 10 Barrier Shop

The most common ones are possibly the 300mm Lightweight Plain Red Cone Pack Of 5. The traffic cone has been serving the public interest for nearly a century, and everybody has seen some version of it at some stage in their lives. This substance can be used as a highly visible marker for a variety of purposes. Made up of high-quality material. Because of its portability, it can be used as a single piece to mark a location – such as a parking spot – or in a line to demarcate a specific ‘off-bounds section. It is often used as a caution sign and barricade by traffic cops and road staff.

• One part red cone
• High visibility
• Weighs just 400 grams
• 300mm high
• 220mm square base section
• Popular for indoor and outdoor sports
• Sold in a pack of five
• Made in EU

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